Otherwise, where is Xie Qingyun's chance to detoxify the six eyed eagle. The banner of eternal life flies out of the back of his head, and the power of green vitality gushes The 56 mm bullet shot from all directions, and the tester covered his eyes and lower body with his h The spear burst into the sky, burst into the sky, and screamed one after another. Thousands of abyss Forests, mountains, rivers, natural landforms, all the beautiful things are obliterated by reinforce Of course, they were waiting for others to wake up. "I dare to ask the master, how can I cooperate with you in order to be regarded as a proper cooperat "It will take some time for the army to be transferred. So please wait for a period of time among th When people, demons and beasts saw this kind of attack, their faces changed dramatically and they do Yang Zong, as if in a hurry, opened his arms to the big gap in the sea. When fan Binbin heard the news, he finally looked liberated and said, "my God, Mingge is kind enough The chief of the guard's first regiment was Tang Jiaxing. He was so angry that he could only stare at the hateful guy on the opposite side and tightly pursed "It's just that I didn't expect it to be so complicated that I felt like I was listening to When the staff member had finished writing, he signed for Hu Hao, and as soon as Hu Hao signed it, t The energy value of Xiaoai's wrist DDP has been changing, 491... 633... 981... 1467... Finally, Lin Lin took a dress and compared it with Xiao Feng: "brother Feng, you will be very handsome if you So after they saw each other, they pushed the door vigorously.

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