He could not accept the gift of a woman who could shoot a classic like journey to the West. Natasha took out her two guns, pulled out the infinite magazine, looked at it, and checked her equip "It's a matter of time, and I'm prepared for it." "Ah, ah, Feng Laoer, what are you doing? Don't beat the child and talk to him well." A lot of people said to themselves, "I'll tell you, how dare you offend Daimler? "The eyes of all things, the absolute control of the nature of heaven and earth!" Felix, covering his face, said sullenly; At the same time, there were three governors who were loyal to Luhmann and had the same status as th Luo duo said slowly: "piliuli, the king may not be qualified to punish you, but I don't know if "I understand. It's so. No wonder these scum dare to do whatever they like. It turns out that wi He Dongfei quickly flipped through the information in his hand, thinking about what was in his mind. "Don't fight with him. He is at least a strong one at the level of the supreme ancestor god. In 100000 annual salary in 2006 this time, belongs to the absolute high salary! A million level Legion will rush up. Under the suppression of law enforcement troops and innumerable "Young master, you are a smart man. If you have a strong background, you should explain it to avoid Su Yi's face suddenly burst into a smile, "my daughter! How is it, lovely?" "So, you can do whatever you want to do, so that you can gather people together, so that some asshol For example, this life weapon, because ye Wei's strength was too weak before, Master Yi didn&#39

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