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"My father will come to ask for the family. Be ready." The next moment, Hetu Luoshu was sent back to Tianyu City, the courtyard originally belonging to fan Lu Jing walked in front of him and then said, "I'll know when you grow up." "What's the matter, Hu Shuai, there's an emergency?" After the transmission array of Tianyu city came out, I just let go of the guiding crystal again. Un He responded at the first time, waving his tentacles to resist the attack of xuanyue's water fam All of them have reached the peak of the realm of creation. Doesn't Kada care about Fischer's safety? The Dragon arm with huge claws fell heavily on Sirius island. Akunorolia was also a fierce existence He is just a small businessman. Everything is just hearsay and his own speculation. In the Han Dynasty, there was a scholar named Yan Guang, who liked fishing most. After he was promot "After Jiang Zhuzhe occupied Baigu Island, did he do anything else?" Ye Ming is really busy at this time, and sister Fang is not relaxed at all. At such a time, it is re Lord God... Good people, so to do welfare for the reincarnation... When he learned from the LORD God Therefore, in order to win the final victory of the war, the biggest problem is how to solve the six Therefore, when they heard what Mu Chen said, they all nodded and said yes. Ultra low temperature will continue to consume the soul power of the soul master. Fortunately, Taibai Laojun helped them out

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