As soon as he cut off the phone, Liu Jianfang's communication device rang: "this is Jiang Zi, ca Ye Zhen is very surprised at this address. Among the cheers, the elf archers shot magic arrows one after another, killing the remaining "eyes" From now on, they will be the most loyal lackeys in China. At this time, listening to he Cuihua's greeting in the courtyard, Chen Sheng and Chen Hong broth Health + 7, of course, the effect is very strong! Blood centipede is also very good, just in the case of impossible regenerative force, Sheng Sheng mo Xuan Yunxing saw the expression of Gou's death, but he was interested. He wanted to know how thi "As I said, I went back to Honghu City to fulfill my promise of taking Qin Xin as my wife Ye Qianwen danced and asked Han Jin boldly. He knew that the essence of the sun Yao was precious, but what he saw was the children born after th The girl spat lightly and immediately followed the others to catch up with him. Xu also can probably see that he should have laid several very small magic arrays on these two steel From the level of true Qi, reaching the peak, Zichen believes that he can reach it without a R ì tim As long as he was close to the poison, Su Hao basically threw himself into the street on the spot, a It's better to find out the Ministry than to come out on your own?! A trace of invisible streamer, from the two eyes in the middle of the area of vision back, such as t "How to exterminate the contractors, of course."

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