Xu Nuo took the sunglasses and put them in Du Xinghe's bag. He walked into the training ground w He seems to have seen a magnificent palace, and in the middle of the palace, there is a crystal coff So what is the white current that makes Mu Nai Xiang normal? It seems to be coming from her pocket. After that, you will have no chance to die. Shade the sun, see the purple tree far away, is the eye. Rao Hui is far away from the average users. However, it is still far away from the average users. The middle-aged man in the blue shirt slapped the table hard with his hand, and the corner of the ta For the yuxu sect, Tang Zheng was upset. If it was not for the lack of strength at present, he would Zhao Wu murmured to himself, unable to hold himself. Among the four palace kings, the king of Youlong palace has the highest status and the most unfathom Chen Changsheng was shaken out of the cliff. When the muffled sound came, Yue Chong's fist smashed hard on Yan's head, splashing with blo As early as a few months ago, after obtaining the Tianchang distraction method, Fang Yun was in the "It seems that Tang Luo in the early days of the reign of Emperor Wu was going to be the nemesis of In a world like region, there is no lack of land, so the scope of demon refining city is not smaller Although they are of the same generation, they are not very familiar. In the past, they were living Zhong Chu red saw the price tag, busy subconsciously will hand back. It was because of Du Shiyi's words that Wang Zhongsi thought of his eldest son, Wang Zhou, who w

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