Li Hong's eyes flash and stare at Zhao Feng in surprise. Soon, Tang Yue wrote the test paper full. Since the Zhenhai Gang became powerful, they still withdrew the people of the whirlwind gang from Qi "Wood God, can't you see the situation clearly? If you are willing to make a promise, I may not Their achievements are remarkable in Guangling county. However, compared with the sects, they are as Scared, Yao Jiancai hurriedly backed back, stood behind Zhang Ye, and then scolded the monk. Arthur nodded, and then he looked at the dead Singer: "you won't waste the singer's body..." "I didn't expect that Rong Cheng would find him so soon." "Let your crow mouth say that there is nothing here? Look! The mice are not happy!" Dongfang Bubai hid in a big tree by the side of the road. He watched the change. All the students in class 6 of class A are looking at Yue Chong, and they don't know what he mea Seeing that, the wolf's mouth was about to close completely, but the arm of the six armed and th Not only Augustus was stunned... Even Zhao Nan was stunned for a moment. "Mr. Su misunderstood me. All along, I just take Su Ling as my elder brother." The escape method used by the emperor's blood is extremely strange and magical. "It's all right. I'll come over and say hello. You can play." Can become the existence of the void, are cunning, no waste generation. On the edge of the baby villain immediately.

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